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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Maelstrom?

Last Updated Sep 19, 2005

I'm glad you asked, here's the official Ed "DAMAGE" Ota guide to total Maelstrom destruction:

• Learn how to fly the ship so you do not become shield dependent.

• Stay away from the borders, visibility is limited and you could get a nasty surprise.

• Concentrate on one asteroid at a time, this will limit the amount of debris floating around.

• Better to shoot at a distance, large asteroids shatter into small ones that could take you out.

• Spread your shots out when shooting a large asteroid. This will take out some of the smaller ones.

• Configure the ship control keys the way you feel most comfortable.

• Shoot vortex's to get rid of them.

• Shoot floating autonominous mines (6 hits Approx.), if you run away it will only track you down.

• Keep moving when a Shenobi ship appears. Staying put makes you easy prey.

• Move quickly to get canisters and bonus points. They do not stick around for long. Canisters make about three passes.

• It is better to stop or turn around a steel asteroid with shots then it is to throw on the shields and get bounced across the screen.

• A fast moving steel asteroid is like a derailed freight train, stay out of their way and try to slow them down with shots from the opposite direction.

• Multiple shots will destroy a steel asteroid, but between the first shot and last shot is a very pissed off asteroid.

• After eliminating the last asteroid you have a small amount of grace time. Bonus points will continue to add up, but if you lose a ship it is not counted against you. Move quickly and aggressively to attack Shenobi ships or pick up bonus items during this time.

• Use a sweeping motion to get maximum effect from machine guns.

• Spare the last asteroid for a while to rack up bonus points and benefits. Beware of the Shenobi ships though, don't get too greedy.

• When using the spray gun to go after large asteroids, close in for the kill. This will allow you to eliminate all of the little asteroids after the first hit.

• A circular motion will allow you to wipe out almost everything when using the long range shots. But there may be a few stubborn rocks you have to concentrate on.

• The smaller Shenobi ships are smaller, "smarter" and more aggressive. It may be wise to avoid these mighty midgets.

• As in life, always try to stay a step ahead of the game. Try to predict your next move, if you can do this, you will do well in Maelstrom.

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