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What is the GPL version of Maelstrom?

Last Updated Sep 19, 2005

GPL stands for General Public License. Ambrosia Software, in a show of support for the Open Source movement, has released the source code for Maelstrom to the public. You can download the 17,000 lines of C++ source code, edit, modify or alter it in any way you see fit and then compile it on any platform, from Red Hat Linux to Windows NT.

Please note that Ambrosia Software, Inc. does not provide technical support for Maelstrom GPL. Any questions about Maelstrom GPL should be addressed to the respective author, not Ambrosia Software, Inc. Of course, Ambrosia will continue to support the original Macintosh version of Maelstrom.

To download Maelstrom GPL point your browser to For information on the GNU General Public License go to

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