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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Mars Rising?

Last Updated Sep 19, 2005

• Use pauses in the action to hold the fire key and charge your cannon. Try to aim it for maximum effect when you do; wait for enemies to line up on the screen and take out several at once.

• Enemies that make multiple shots tend to cluster them. If you can stay in the same spot while they target you, the shots will come in a straight line and are easier to avoid.

• Moving down when your ship is at the bottom of the screen shortens the crosshairs. This is good for getting any pesky ground targets that may slip by.

• Be sure to get the ground targets as soon as possible, especially turrets which fire multiple shots at once. If you can position your crosshairs while firing at incoming ships, you can even take out both at once.

• Destroying all the ground targets on a level (after the first) releases bonus points or multipliers. These are a great way to increase your score and earn extra lives, but don't let them distract you.

• Don't get caught at the bottom of the screen, especially in a corner, or the maces will follow your ship and pin you. Instead, fly toward the top of the screen to draw them toward you. If you charge your weapon on the way up, you can usually sweep back under and destroy them in a cluster.

• Neo-harriers and other "intelligent" enemies tend to follow your ship, and even get behind you. Use the Rear Powerup to kill ships both in front and behind you. Notice that enemy ships can't turn clockwise over the 12 o'clock position -- sweep left and right quickly to keep them off balance and unable to shoot.

• If you charge an enemy, you can always back away faster than his shots move (doubly so if you have the Speed Powerup). It's easy to keep the screen clean of light enemies by circling toward the bottom of the screen.

• When fighting the large enemies (medium level bosses), be sure to clear out the smaller enemies as much as possible. Use the break between his forward shots and rear shots to weave from one side to the other.

• Option-click the Player 1 or Player 2 button to specify a level at which to start. This way you can practice on those levels you find difficult, or get a sneak peek at the later levels.

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