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Will Pillars of Garendall run under OS X?

Last Updated Sep 20, 2005

Pillars of Garendall was developed to run natively under OS X. The current version of Pillars of Garendall will only run properly under OS X 10.1.

There are bugs in the current version of Pillars of Garendall that require workarounds under OS X 10.3, and make it unplayable under OS X 10.4 or later. Unfortunately the original developer of Pillars of Garendall has not updated the game. Had we known that we would have to update Pillars of Garendall in-house, we would not have signed the project.

All that said, we would like to release an update to Coldstone, the utility that created Pillars so we can then update Pillars. The update has been worked on here, but not as consistently as we would like.  We have new staff here at Ambrosia, and as soon as we complete prior commitments, we'll be able to assign someone to the update.

Known issues:
• Under OS X 10.2 Pillars can write over old saved game files, but it can't create new ones.

This bug is due to a conflict under OS X 10.2
If you have any old saved game files, you can save using those.

You can boot into OS 9, save a game to create the saved game file, and then boot back into OS X.

Or you can use TextEdit to create a blank text document, and name it something like "Saved Game.pog", with the .pog being the crucial part.

Then open Pillars, and start a new game. When you want to save it, use the name above. Pillars will ask if you want to replace it. Say Yes.

Then when you want to open that game, you will have to drag that file onto the Pillars application, and it will open. You won't be able to Load that game, it will be greyed out. Just double click on the saved game file, or drag and drop it onto the game application itself.

• Under OS X 10.3 or later Pillars loads but the playing field is all black except for a small portion at the top left.

This bug is due to a conflict under OS X 10.3, and affects all versions of OS X after Panther.

Unfortunately, the only workaround is to play Pillars in Classic if possible. Select the game icon and then go to the File menu to Get Info and check the Open in Classic option.

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