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How do I play pop-pop?

Last Updated Sep 14, 2005

The best source of that info is in the game itself. Open the game, and select the Help option with the question mark. It will give complete instructions on how to play solo or networked games.

For those who prefer text instructions:

• Mouse – Controls your paddle
• Mouse Button – Powers up the paddle - costs energy!
• option key – Charges your special attack - costs energy!

• Energy is indicated in yellow on the left
    Increases 1 unit each time you hit the ball
    Decreases 1 unit for each mouseclick, to charge the paddle
    Charged Paddles clear several bricks in one shot
    Decreases 4 for each special attack (hold the option key for special attack)

• Clear the bricks
• Clear hollow bricks to send opponent a metal brick
• Metal bricks take two hits with the ball to clear
• Clear multiple bricks on one bounce to send hollow bricks
• Avoid missing the ball, which lowers the bricks

• Requires at least four energy units
• Hold option while ball is in play
• When icon is fully charged, hit the ball to unleash your wrath!!!

• Clear hollow bricks first
• Collect the good powerups, avoid the bad ones
• Give yourself plenty of space before using special attack
• Send multiple special attacks, one right after the other

and above all….


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