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How do I access all of the cars in Redline?

Last Updated Sep 21, 2006

Redline unlocks cars as you beat the Challenges.  To beat the Challenge you need at least a bronze medal.  Earn gold for worldwide bragging rights on the Redline tracker <>.  Here is a list of the Challenges, and the cars you get when you beat them:


Accelerating & Braking I     – Delorean
Accelerating & Braking II    – Vette
Slalom I                             – Golf
Slalom II                            – Charger
Tight Curve                        – Audi TT
S-Curve                              – Viper
Canyon Curve                     – Diablo
Downhill Corners                – Mustang
City Corners                       – Maserati
Offroad Corners                 – BMW
Snow Trial                         – Porsche
Racing Trial                       – GT


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