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What settings should I use for my capture?

Last Updated Nov 13, 2012

We stay away from recommending specific settings as it is pretty subjective. All of the elements in the Movie saving settings dialog box come from QuickTime, not Snapz Pro X 2, and therefore are a bit beyond the scope of these FAQs.

That said, here are a couple tips:

  • If your capture appears "choppy", increase the framerate. The higher the framerate, the larger the movie file.
  • The default video and audio compressors (H.264 & AAC) are Apple's standards and generally do a great job of maintaining video quality and keeping file sizes to a minimum.
  • If you will be editing in post production or require sharp text, the Animation compressor is a good choice. This will create a considerably larger movie file.
  • Capturing at full screen is generally overkill and not a good idea. Keep in mind that currently shipping computer screens exceed industry standard HD specs. For the best results, capture at 100% and play it back in full screen if desired.

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