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Why doesn't the hot key work to open Snapz Pro X?

Last Updated Apr 3, 2013

The default hot key for Snapz Pro X changed to Command-Shift-5 (⌘⇧5) with the release of version 2.5. The hot key may fail to work properly if there is a conflict with another application or OS based keyboard shortcut. You can either change Snapz's hot key or resolve the conflict. To change Snapz's hot key:

  1. Double-click the Snapz Pro X icon in your Applications folder
  2. Click on the Preferences tab
  3. Click inside the "Snapz Pro X hot key" and type your desired hot key. Please note that the OS requires that a modifier (⇧,⌃,⌥, or ⌘) key be used for most keyboard shortcuts.

Since Snapz is unable to detect conflicts automatically, you will need to check your System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts windows as well as any running applications to clear any conflicts.

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