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What are the various parts of the game screen, and what do they do?

Last Updated Sep 14, 2005

Across the top is the date, the IP address you are currently connected to, the CPU usage and Time Controls, and the World Map.

Under the CPU usage is a list of all of the software you currently have running, the amount of CPU each piece of software is using, and buttons to increase or decrease the CPU usage of each program.

The Time Controls are buttons that allow you to pause and speed up time, and return it to normal.

The World Map shows your current connection route. Clicking on it brings up a large version that allows you to select bounce routes, and buttons to save those routes while the game is still running.

Across the bottom of the screen are 6 buttons.

Software: allows you to run any software currently in your memory

Hardware: gives an overview of your current hardware

Files: displays your current files

Personal Status: displays your current status

Mail: send email

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