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What kind of security systems are there in Uplink?

Last Updated Sep 14, 2005

• Login/Password Screen: very common, can be defeated with Password Breaker. The more secure, the longer it takes the Password Breaker to crack.

• Elliptic Curve Cypher: secure, complex, and hard to crack. Only a Decypher can crack one. The more secure, the longer it takes the Decypher to crack.

• Voice Print Analysis: gives access only to the System Admin's voice. Only a Voice Analyser with the properly recorded voice can crack one.

• Monitors: monitors systems and tells a company when the system is being hacked and initiates a trace. Monitors can be overcome only with a Monitor Bypass of equal or higher version. Once the monitor has been bypassed, all of a system's security can be cracked before they even begin tracing you.

• Proxys/Firewalls: don't stop you from accessing a system, but do prevent you from modifying anything on a system if you do gain access. A Monitor Bypass or a Disabler will allow you to modify files or records, but will alert a company to your presence.

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