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Does WireTap Anywhere work with my particular audio device?

Last Updated Aug 15, 2008

We have done our best to ensure WireTap Anywhere is as compatible with as many audio devices as possible.  That said, there are many ways for audio to be routed through the system, and it seems audio engineers have tried each and every one of them.  Some devices may route audio in such a way that WireTap Anywhere can't "hear" it.

If your device is recognized as an input device in the sound pane of the System preferences, then WireTap Anywhere should be able to record audio from it.

Be sure to take advantage of the WireTap Anywhere trial period to ensure it does work with your equipment.  If you have problems with a particular device, please contact Ambrosia Tech Support so we can work with the device manufacturer to address the issue.

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