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What is the difference between all of the WireTap products?

Last Updated Aug 15, 2008

WireTap was the initial product. It was a free utility that was created as a test bed for the technologies used in subsequent WireTap products. WireTap is no longer distributed or supported.

WireTap Pro was the first commercial version of WireTap. WireTap Pro was discontinued in 2007 and is no longer sold or supported. It was discontinued fully compatible up to Mac OS 10.5.7. Those wishing to use WireTap Pro on 10.5.8 or newer should go here for a workaround.

WireTap Studio is the latest version in the progression of the initial WireTap. WireTap Studio is a full recording application with a lossless editor and library management of your recordings. WireTap Studio allows you to record from up to two software and/or hardware sources simultaneously. You can learn more about WireTap Studio from our video tutorials.

WireTap Anywhere is a virtual patch bay for your Mac. WireTap Anywhere is geared towards audio professionals who already have an established workflow with applications they know and are comfortable with, but would like the enhanced recording capabilities of WireTap Studio. WireTap Anywhere does not do any recording by itself, but takes the functionality (and then some) of the WireTap Studio source menu and adds it to any application that has an input source menu. So any recording application can have the ability to record from any combination of application specific audio, all System audio or any hardware device recognized as input in the Sound pane of the System Preferences. You can learn more about WireTap Anywhere from our video tutorials.

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