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I created a Session, and nothing happens at the scheduled time - what can I do?

Last Updated Dec 12, 2008

Check the session in iCal to be sure it is scheduled at the correct time.

If it is, check the link you are trying to record from and the application you have chosen to open it in the Processing panel.

Copy the link as it is in that field. Then open the application you have selected and test the link.

For iTunes go to the Advanced menu and select Open Stream. Then paste the link and press the return key.

For Windows Media Player go to File to Open URL. Then paste the link and press the return key.

For RealOne Player go to the File Menu to Open Location. Then paste the link and press the return key.

If the link is formatted correctly, the stream should begin buffering and playing.

If it doesn't, check the original link as it was provided or check to be sure you have chosen the correct application to open the stream. Some files will only play in RealOne Player, or others only in Windows Media Player.

If you still have a problem with that session, select it in the Sessions window, and then click on the Share button. Send the resulting file to us with a description of what you are trying to record, including a link or URL to the website of the streaming broadcast if you are trying to record from one, and a description of the specific problem you are having. You can send this all via our technical support form.

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