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Is my License Code good forever?

Last Updated Jul 25, 2008

License codes do expire, but registrations are forever.

Once you have entered a license code to register a piece of software, that software is registered forever.  You should *never* have to enter a license code again unless you install the software on a new machine, or do a clean system install.

You should save your license code even after it has been entered in case you need to register the software on a new machine or do a clean system install.

If you need to enter your license code after thirty days, it will be rejected as expired, but if your computer is connected to the internet, a Renew button will appear.  Click on this button, and a new, updated code will be sent back to you automatically within seconds.

Do not worry, Ambrosia respects your privacy.  Nothing is sent to Ambrosia automatically.  Information is sent only if you click on the Renew button, and then the only information sent is the expired license information contained in the Register notice.

You can also obtain an updated license code using the lost codes section of the support page here. Enter your email address, and every single license code in our database associated with your address will be sent to that address within seconds.  If no registrations are found under that address you will be asked to provide more information to find your registration.

If you no longer have access to that email address, you can email lostcodes with the details of your order, including the User ID, the product(s) in question, and the mailing address used at the time of the order and we will return an updated license code.

If all of your order information is included in your request, we can send you your license code, and update our database to your new email address.  That way you can retrieve your license automatically using the lostcodes section of our Support page here.

If all else fails, call 585 325 1910, and we will be glad to issue an updated code, and update your information in our database so you can retrieve your codes using one of the automated procedures outlined above.

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