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Snapz Pro X video tutorials are organized below by topic. QuickTime is required for playback.

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Welcome to Snapz Pro X!

A high level overview of the Snapz Pro X interface and workflow to quickly get you started capturing your images or movies.

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Movie capture made easy

Capturing video and audio is easy, and Snapz Pro X offers multiple options for customizing the way your video looks, sounds, and plays. We show you how to get the action you want, and share guidance on how to keep file sizes manageable

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Customize your screen captures

Learn about the hidden gems within Snapz Pro X that streamline your workflow and add flair to your images. We’ll show you how to create custom borders, use LivePreview, save to various file types, or automatically generate thumbnails on the fly.

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Watermarking, built right in

Watermarks can be automatically applied to your images, allowing you to apply copyright information or a URL to each image. Snapz Pro X lets you use a variety of image types and lets you adjust opacity to make your watermark stand out without overpowering the image.

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Movie pre-production tips and tricks

Creating your movie masterpiece requires a little setup to capture the action you want efficiently. We cover the basics of framerate, color depth, and audio settings, and offer strategies on ensuring your movies record and play back with crisp visuals and smooth action.

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