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Soundboard video tutorials are organized below by topic. QuickTime is required for playback.

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Welcome to Soundboard

Get a quick overview of how Soundboard's intuitive interface and rich feature set let you map sound effects, audio clips, or musical accompaniment to keys on the Mac keyboard, easily triggered with a single tap or click.

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Adding and Organizing

Soundboard makes it easy to add and organize your audio clips in a manner that makes sense to you. Drag sounds in, move them around, color code them, or drag them out - adding sounds and establishing a workflow is speedy and easy.

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Edits, Fades, and Crops, Oh My!

Any audio clip can be edited or cropped safely, thanks to powerful editing tools. Create fades, crop sections, and shorten your clips with abandon. Soundboard's non-destructive editor means your original file is always safe should you ever need to revert.

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Special FX, Built Right In

Apply powerful Audio Unit sound effects to alter the way your audio clips sound, and try them out on the fly! Choose from built-in FX or add your own. Layer as needed. When you find a combination you like, save it as a preset for future use.

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Get MIDI Wid' It

Control your audio clips from any MIDI device. Soundboard keeps your sounds organized, while your MIDI device triggers the audio-action, offering MIDI-controlled custom trigger behavior, panning, and gain effects.

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Mash it Up

Soundboard provides the power to bend onboard audio clips to your groove. With its 32 frame interface, you are free to experiment with different tracks and mixes, letting you quickly create songs and mashups with abandon.

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