New Soundboard version 2.0 is available at a discounted rate of just $19 for Soundboard 1.x users (regular MSRP is $49). It's also packed with cool new features:
soundpipe.png Soundpipe™ Audio Routing
Record Soundboard's audio output in any audio recording program (such as GarageBand) without additional hardware or software using our Soundpipe technology.
redesigned.png Redesigned User Interface
Soundboard 2.0 features a totally redesigned user interface with unified, single-window controls to streamline operation during live broadcasts and events.
performance.png Low Latency, High Performance
Soundboard has a sophisticated internal sound caching mechanism to ensure very low latency when cuing effects, and also minimal CPU impact when playing them.
controls.png Powerful New Controls
Soundboard 2.0 adds per-volume sliders for discrete sound effect control, as well as customizable Ducking level and Pause All controls for your sound effects.