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Ambrosia Software, Inc. is a predominantly Macintosh software company located in Rochester, New York. Ambrosia is dedicated to bringing you quality software, excellent support, and innovative ideas, all at a reasonable cost.

Productivity and Game Software

Ambrosia creates personal productivity tools that make using your computer a more enjoyable experience, as well as anti-productivity tools (games) that are just plain fun. We give you commercial-quality software at a fraction of the price, with the added convenience of being able to try out the software before you pay for it.

Our History

Ambrosia Software incorporated on August 18th, 1993. The name “Ambrosia” was used as a DBA by Andrew Welch for three years prior to the incorporation of Ambrosia Software, Inc.

The first game produced by Ambrosia was Maelstrom, a remake of the Asteroids arcade game. Maelstrom quickly became popular in the Macintosh community, and won a number of software awards. This initial success led Ambrosia to release several more arcade-style games. These included Apeiron (a remake of Centipede), and Swoop (modeled after Galaxian).

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Meet Hector

HectorOur female African Grey Parrot is the proud and threatening mascot of Ambrosia Software. When Hector isn't busy contemplating World Domination, she is often visible in her condo-sized cage at Ambrosia HQ.

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