Bubble Trouble X 1.1.0


Now Bubbling in Aqua

OK Mr. Fishy, your days of suavely swishing around the fish bowl are numbered! That's it… come here… just a little more… SQUISH!! Haha!

Eat seaweed, fish breath!

Lusciously Drawn

Bubble Trouble's world is filled with lusciously-drawn cartoony critters who give that cranky crab from "The Little Mermaid" a run for his money. But money isn't what you'll be running from: an otherwise peaceful fish bowl has been filled with bubbles that are being tossed around in an enthralling game of "Squish the Fish!"

For Mac OS X, Intel native


Just like to let you know you've turned a reasonably normal person into a hopelessly addicted, mindless Bubble-drone. So much for a life. :} thanks for the great products!

Adam Barisoff, Customer

System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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