GooBall 1.0.2

Intergalactic Vagabond

Life as an intergalactic vagabond was a blast: warping from universe to universe, surfing the Milky Way Wave... that is until one wrong turn at Alpha Centauri slams you into an asteroid belt, forcing a crash landing in the desert on a little out of the way planet called "Earth."

The next thing you know, the black helicopters are circling, men in black suits pull you from the wreckage of your StratoSphere 2000 spaceball, and some annoying pencil-neck named "Mike" starts calling you a "Goober." Pot, kettle, black, buddy!

Viscous, Gooey Ball

Thrust into a viscous gooey ball -- that they call a "life support system" -- you're now the object of affection for a bunch of guys that curiously are all named "CIA." Poked, prodded, and massaged in ways that'd normally cost several thousand credits in the seedier parts of Beta Pictoris, this is a far cry from a casual holiday!

Rat in a Maze

In any event, now they have decided to figure out if you're "intelligent" by forcing you to navigate through a bunch of obstacle courses like a rat in a maze. Earth to Mr. CIA: if you wear dark sunglasses indoors, you're no judge of intelligence!

Ah well, this little GooBall they have you stuck in is actually kinda cool: you can zoom around without fear of getting hurt, and it can deform to become "sticky" for quick turns and scaling walls. Plus the buzz you get from spinning around is better than inhaling a can of SpaceDust! Wooooohoooooo!

Welcome to GooBall!

Roll, jump, and slime your GooBall through dozens of fanciful worlds of wonder as you control the cutest little alien around, the Goober. Being trapped in a gooey ball of protoplasm has never been this fun!

Handle With Care!

Pick up jewels along the way for extra lives, and have a blast as you roll and jump around like a wrecking ball in a china shop… but be careful not to "fall out" over the edge of the world! Use the GooBall's "sticky" mode to slime up walls to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and goodies, or use it as an emergency brake when you start rolling too fast!

Distinctive Worlds

GooBall has a breathtaking 3D graphics engine called Unity, which creates the 6 distinct fanciful worlds -- with a gaggle of levels in each world -- for you to careen through and conquer. GooBall is simple to pick up and play, but only the truly skilled will master the game... and the immersive graphics, music, and sound will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

For Mac OS X, Intel native


**4 Mouse Rating** Cartoonish and colorful, GooBall is a fast-paced and vertigo-inducing thrill ride. GooBall is an interesting twist on the classic rolling-marble platform game, and quite a lot of fun.

Peter Cohen, Macworld
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System Requirements


Power Macintosh G3 or better, Mac OS X 10.3, Intel Native

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