Harry the Handsome Executive 1.0.1

Launch that Swivel Chair!

Throughout much of the world, workers have harnessed the power of the swivel chair as a mobility aid. But there is only one brave warrior who dares to attack the rungs of the corporate ladder with the wheels of a swivel chair. You will know him when you see him. He'll be the one kicking off of desks for a speed boost before launching his chair into the air, where he turns and empties a magazine of staples into an unsuspecting robot fiend. Hide your donuts, and unplug your coffee machine immediately, for no stash is safe from the great warrior known as Harry.

Join Harry the Handsome Executive as he scoots and kicks his swivel chair through the halls of ScumCo in this delightful action game developed by Ben Spees. The path to job security is fraught with many perils! Harry must avoid discomfort caused by dart-throwing middle managers, rebellious customer service drones, crazed chemists, and a host of other enemies. All the while, he must maintain corporate favor or risk the feared pink slip.

For Mac OS 9 & earlier


This product is not OS X compatible.

Harry is mostly a puzzle game that requires a degree of hand-eye coordination. Your job is to destroy the alien invaders who have overrun Harry's office. The hitch is that you're confined to scooting around the game in a six-wheeled office chair and office supplies are your only weapons.


System Requirements


Any color-capable Macintosh, PowerPC recommended. This product is not OS X compatible.

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