Maelstrom 1.4.3

Blast the Asteroids!

Animated space debris races toward you from all points of the compass. All that you have to protect you are your shields, razor-sharp reflexes, and an itchy trigger finger. You must blast the asteroids before they crush your tiny shop like a tin can.

For Mac OS 9 & earlier


This product is not OS X compatible.

Maelstrom is the best, most fun, most amusing, most interesting, most enjoyable computer game I have ever played! (And the best part is that it's downloadable and free for 30 days). Thank you very much, Ambrosia Software, Inc., for all the time and effort your company has spent in creating on of the world's best games. I, along with many others, loved the final product and I'm sure all of you at Ambrosia did, too! But don't forget &emdash; Everything your company did was all worth it!!! Thank you again.

Max Altman, Customer

System Requirements


Any color-capable Macintosh. This product is not OS X compatible.

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