Mars Rising 1.0.2

The Ultimate Vac-Fighter

Developed by David Wareing, Mars Rising is the hottest shooter to hit the Mac OS this century. The vertical-scrolling game puts one or two players in the pilot seat of the prototype Vac-Fighter.

Armed with a Wave Motion Gun and a bottom-mounted explosive payload delivery system, the Vac-Fighter is one hot piece of hardware—the perfect fighter-bomber for settling interplanetary disputes.

For Mac OS 9 & earlier


This product is not OS X compatible.

Mars Rising is good, old-fashioned, finger-cramping, put-your-brain-on-hold fun. Playing Mars Rising is like being back in the arcade-except you've still got your quarters when you're done.


System Requirements


Any color-capable Macintosh, PowerPC recommended. This product is not OS X compatible.

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