Redline 1.0.5

Buckle Up!

Fasten your seat belts, Redline racing delivers the thrill of auto racing from the track to your desktop. Put the pedal to the metal in the car of your choice, burning rubber through desert canyon race tracks, skidding across snow covered mountainous roads, and claiming the fame and glory of victory!


Redline features an advanced 3D gaming engine that tosses polygons around at speeds that'd be sure to land you an expensive speeding ticket. Combine that with the voracious sound of your engine incessantly clawing its way towards redline, and you can almost smell the rubber.


Pure pleasure is in the control. Redline models each wheel of your car independently, as well as the axle width and weight of each car, allowing for an unprecedented feel of the road. Accelerate your way into a corner, tap the brakes, cut the wheel at just the right time, then punch the throttle and power-slide your way to the finish line. Boooooyah!


Redline features a dozen racing challenges such as acceleration and slalom, graduating you to real-world tracks with a variety of racing conditions. With each progressive challenge, your performance earns you new challenges, and new cars to drive. Your performance is also ranked among other Redline players from around the world via an Internet leader board.

Network Play

The real fun, though, is meeting nice people on the Internet and running them off of the road. Redline supports up to 12 people in a network race, either on a local network, or over the Internet. Meet up in the Lobby, pick a course, pick your cars, and recklessly slam your newfound "friends" into the guard rail in your quest for the coveted checkered flag.

Racing Stats

With tracks that range from dirt road rally courses to high speed racing tracks to nail-biting mountainous roads, Redline offers a sublime assortment of arenas in which you can test the metal of almost two dozen different cars. Add in challenges, time trials, and the unlimited variety offered by Internet play, and it's clearly time to stop reading this and download Redline!

For Mac OS X, Intel native


Redline isn't the perfect racing simulation, but at $25 it has a lot to recommend it. Make sure to download the demo and check it out for yourself.

Peter Cohen, Macworld
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System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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