Eclipse 3.1.1

Lean, Mean Screen Saver

Flying toasters and exploding rabbits are fun for a while, but perhaps you're getting a little tired of using a screen saver that takes up huge amounts of disk space, devours memory, slows down your Macintosh, and causes inexplicable crashes?

Or perhaps you're using one of the many unsupported, slightly buggy, feature-starved shareware screen savers? If either is the case, we have the screen saver for you.

Introducing Eclipse 3: a lean, mean, 100 percent PowerPC native screen saving machine that works great on 68K Macs as well. To eliminate the problem of Extension conflicts, we designed Eclipse 3 as an application so that it retains the benefits of Extension-based screen savers while avoiding their propensity to cause problems. After all, a screen saver is supposed to save your screen, not crash your machine.

Extensive Features

Unlike some other screen savers, Eclipse uses very little memory and processor time to do its job. Thus, Eclipse will never slow down your Macintosh. However, even with Eclipse's svelte form, it offers all of the useful features you could ever want in a screen saver, presented in an elegant and straight-forward user interface.

Moreover, Eclipse doesn't merely dim the screen; it displays the current time floating on the screen, graphics (PICTs, JPEGs and GIFs) and QuickTime movies from a folder full of choices. You can select the graphics and movies to be displayed by dropping them into the Eclipse Graphics folder. In addition, Eclipse offers such conveniences as password protection, and you can customize its extensive feature set any way you like.

Less Filling, Saves Great

In addition to these traditional phosphor burn-in prevention methods, Eclipse can control the Energy Saver features of the MacOS. You can set how long you'd like an idle machine to wait before automatic monitor deactivation, hard drive spindown, and computer shutdown. All of these protective measures can reduce physical wear on system components, and can result in increased cost savings through reduced energy bills.

With apologies to a certain brewer, our slogan is "Eclipse: Less filling, saves great."

For Mac OS 9 & earlier


This product is not OS X compatible

I tried another screensaver with an annoying audio track. When I turned audio off, the screensaver went into my control panel and turned audio back on! How dare these guys touch my control panels. Your product is very good. It doesn't alter my system and I can put in any graphics I want.

Peter Matthews, Customer

System Requirements


Any color-capable Macintosh. This product is not OS X compatible.

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