Snapz Pro X 2.6.1

Record Anything on Screen

Now compatible with Sierra!

Snapz Pro X allows you to effortlessly record anything on your screen*, saving it as a QuickTime® movie or screenshot that can be e-mailed, put up on the web, or passed around however you want. Snapz Pro X 2.x costs $69. New This version has been rewritten from the ground up with the most modern APIs to take maximum advantage of Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later. It is OS X Mavericks & Retina Display compatible!

Why take a static screenshot when Snapz Pro X makes creating a movie just as easy? Snapz Pro X does that, and so much more! Download a free demo version right now, or check out the video tutorials we've created and see for yourself.

* Except DRM-protected content

Video Capture Revolution

Snapz Pro X is a quantum leap in video capture technology, adroitly capturing full motion video of anything on your screen* at a blistering pace, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover. Think of it as a digital video camera for your screen. Snapz Pro X makes short work of making training videos, producing product demos, creating tutorials, archiving streaming video, and anything else you can think of.

Find out why companies like Apple Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., and countless others rely on Snapz Pro X when they need to convey an idea effectively. Find out why average users are taking full motion video screen captures rather than the static screenshots of old. Join the video capture revolution!

* Except DRM-protected content

New Features

In addition to a video capture engine that is faster than anything else on the market, Snapz Pro X has so many other new features, you'll quickly wonder how you ever lived without it. We didn't follow the industry trend of bloated software with extraneous features; instead we rethought the product. From Retina Display support to window capture with alpha masks (transparency), Snapz Pro X has it all!

Snapz Pro X's interface has been completely redesigned to provide more powerful features while maintaining the Snapz Pro X's elegant simplicity. Rather than just tossing new features into an already full-featured product, we carefully examined how people use Snapz Pro X, and developed a new user interface that adds functionality without adding complexity.

Live Preview

For those who need static screen captures for manuals, web sites, etc., Snapz Pro X offers many improvements. One of the most useful is "Live Preview" which shows you exactly how your screenshot will look before you save it to disk. This allows you to change drop shadow, scaling, cropping, and other settings on the fly. No longer will you have to guess what your screenshots will look like - now you can get them right the very first time.

You can even see a real-time preview of what your movie will look like at a given frame rate on the fly!

Wide Range of Options

Snapz Pro X supports saving screenshots as .bmp, .pict, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, or Photoshop files with precise control over image compression. Screenshots can be scaled, cropped, color depth-changed, and dithered. Snapz Pro X can also add drop shadows, generate automatic thumbnails, overlay watermarks/copyright notices... you name it, we got it!

Snapz Pro X supports Retina Display screen capture, even with windows or selections that span Retina and non-Retina monitors. Snapz Pro X also captures windows with alpha masking (transparency), letting you choose whether or not to capture the window shadows as well.

For Mac OS X


This is a free update to registered users running Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later now works on Sierra! Click here to download the 2.6.1 update.

I have used sooo many different screen capture softwares and I just have to tell you guys that you are the ONLY ones who dont slow down my computer while recording video. Sometimes I have to check that the program is still on because I dont even believe it could work that well. Thank you!!!

Andrew Smith, Customer

System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later

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