Soundboard 2.2.2

Trigger happy

Like the cart machines from broadcast radio days, Soundboard provides a quick way to enhance your podcasts or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical accompaniment.

Soundboard lets you create libraries of your favorite audio clips, all instantly available by tapping hot keys on your Mac's keyboard. You can even control Soundboard from your iPad with Soundboard Remote!

Soundboard was designed for live performances - the interface is intuitive at a glance, and in no time hitting your favorite sound effects will be automatic.

Drag in any Mac audio file, edit it, apply effects or filters, and tap. It's that easy.

Optimized I/O

Bringing sounds into Soundboard is drag-and-drop easy, into any cell you choose, and Soundboard supports most any Mac audio file. Triggers can be renamed, labeled with a custom color, and re-organized at will. You can play your sound completely with a tap, or only play audio as long as you hold down the trigger.

Soundboard is performance-optimized to ensure that sounds play the instant they're triggered. Not only will one sound play instantly, but Soundboard enables you to trigger as many sounds as you want with no drag on your Mac's performance. This simultaneous playback capability makes it easy to do rippin' live performance mashups or seamlessly incorporate stings and bumper music into your podcast.

Our mission has been to make Soundboard as nimble and responsive as possible - whether importing, editing, or of course triggering any sound you choose, immediately when you want it.

Mash it up

Soundboard's 32-trigger interface isn't just for laying out your stings, bumpers, and laugh tracks. Load it up with beats and accents to build a fully functional sampler, and you're just a few taps from laying down block rockin' beats that will pump your DJ street cred through the roof.

Soundboard is able to seamlessly start or stop as many simultaneous sounds as you can trigger, and you can set the fade duration and behavior with a preference to create a graceful exit when you release the trigger.

If you want to record your grooves for posterity, just add WireTap Studio or WireTap Anywhere and your favorite high-end audio editing software and start building your collection of beats.

Soundboard lets you easily share your 'boards with other Soundboard users, so you can bounce your rhythms back and forth till the mix is just right.


In addition to letting you assign keystrokes to up to 32 sounds per tab (and make as many tabs as you need), you can control your Soundboard via any MIDI device. Soundboard allows you to fine tune your triggers so that the sound will only play while the key is held down, or will play through all the way with a tap.

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Search for a sound board program and was lead here. I love this program. It meets all my needs and more.

David G., Customer

System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later

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