Soundboard Remote 1.0.0

Remote Control

Soundboard Remote allows you to control Soundboard for the Mac from your iPad! With Soundboard Remote, you can connect to any Mac running Soundboard on your network, and have complete access and control via a simple MultiTouch interface.

Soundboard Remote allows you to have your Mac wired into your audio rig, but control it using the freedom and flexibility that the iPad offers. You can even have multiple iPads controlling the same instance of Soundboard for the Mac simultaneously, for collaborative performances!

*** This product requires Soundboard for the Mac to function ***

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For Apple iPad


I am a professional sound engineer and find both apps great. They blow sports sound pro out of the water. Having the control on my I pad is great. I am working on a mount for two iPads to be positioned in front of my console. One for Soundboard and the other for console control. Please keep developing these great applications.

The noise boyz, Customer

System Requirements


iPad with iOS 4.3 or later, Soundboard for Mac 2.1

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